Paelon Memorial Hospital
In order to better serve you, our patient, we maintain a strong support structure of partners that make our total wellness package complete; from HMOs to Dentists, we only work with the best because you deserve nothing less.


SafeCare introduces standards that enable healthcare facilities to measure and improve the quality, safety and efficiency of their services.

The SafeCare standards are accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua), a global leader in quality improvement.

SafeCare’s network of assessor has a proven track record of supporting facilities to improve the safety and quality of the services they provide.

In 2016, Paelon Memorial Hospital was awarded the first and highest Level Five (5) certificate in Africa amongst 1,985 hospitals.


We are listed on the provider networks of a wide range of International and Local HMOs including BUPA, Allianz, Cigna–Vanbreda, THT Liberty Blue, Hygeia, Redcare, Mansard, Novo, Medexia, Marina Medicals, Avon, Health Partners, MH-Healthcare, Expatcare, MSO health insurance and many more.

Please ask to speak to our HMO officer if you have any questions or concerns regarding any HMO related issues or send a email to


Other Healthcare Providers

At Paelon we provide care for every part of your body except your eyes and your teeth.
For care in these areas, we recommend Choice Dental for all your Dental needs and Vision Aids for all your optical needs.

Laboratories and Investigations

For any investigations that we are unable to carry out in-house, we outsource to credible and reliable diagnostic centres.

Talk to us

Please call us on either 0909-360-8138 or 01-290-0844, or mail us at
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