Paelon Memorial Hospital

NO! At Paelon, virtually every specialty is available either in-house or on a visiting basis.

Yes we do! Details are available at the reception, or you may call us on (01) 290 0844 for more information.

Yes you can! We offer a wide range of bespoke health assessments and have a team that is dedicated to ensuring you receive an accurate and detailed report.

Because writing these reports is a service we provide, and every service is rendered at a cost. However as with every other service we provide at Paelon, we provide it at the highest quality.

Because in line with global best practice certain tests must be requested by a doctor (just the way some drugs have to be prescribed to be bought). However some tests (like a pregnancy test) can be done without seeing a doctor.

Not yet.
In our Ikeja branch we run an outpatient clinic from 9am – 5pm on Mondays – Fridays it is closed on Saturdays & Sundays

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