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Photographer Demilade Roberts Shares His Near-Fatal Experience In The Hands Of A Pharmacist

In a post aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of having pharmacists prescribe drugs, photographer Demilade Roberts shared the experience he had with drugs given to him by a pharmacist.
He wrote: “I’m posting this to create an awareness about Pharmacists who think they’re Doctors. I asked for a particular drug that I know works for me, Pharmacist decides to give me a better drug; didn’t argue because, well photographer, what do I know? Drug worked but little did she know that the side effects are near fatal to an asthmatic patient. If I wasn’t the son of two highly trained specialist doctors, I won’t be here to type this post. Thank God for God, my parents and the good people at Paelon Hospital.
Pharmacists should just do what they’re told. YOU ARE NOT DOCTORS.”

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