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World class boutique hospital Paelon, launches her 2bed intensive care unit

Paelon recently opened her Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a 2-bed state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit, ICU, in line with the vision of the founder, Ngozi Onyia to provide quality healthcare services.

“What we have is a passion. This vision started because we wanted to redefine specialist medical care in the country. When I started out in 2010, it was a journey into the unknown, but we have remained committed to the goal. Our aim is to get it right, every time.” Says Ngozi and she further ads “We are going to be a facility where people will train. What we will be doing here will impact lives in other areas, This is a start, but it is a place where those who work in other facilities can come to see the equipment and learn how they can be used to deliver proper healthcare.”

Sylvia Cole, A consultant and partner at Paelon and Consultant in charge of the new ICU, stated that the whole essence of making effective critical care services available was in the effort to prevent complications. “What we are doing here is setting up a centre where we can look after trauma patients for the first three hours, and stabilise them, until they get better. In my area of critical care and emergency medicine, the first three hours are crucial. In anaesthesia, the first five minutes makes a difference whether a person would be brain dead or not. The first three hours makes a difference as to whether the kidneys will fail, it is also crucial in determining the survival of the liver or if the patient will even survive.” Says Cole who further stated that “We are starting with two beds, even though for a population like Lagos we need much more however, if we decide to wait for someone to start a 100-bed ICU for example, nothing will be done.” she says.

For those who believe Paelon is opened only to the high earners because of its location on the island, Sylvia has this to say “At Paelon, we are opened to all, we do not believe in segregation so it doesn’t even come up at all. We have a company where even the drivers are given high quality insurance and as such, they made us their clinic. We had no idea the organisation the person works with initially but gave appropriate responses to his questions and treated him well. It was later we found out where he worked.”

“Our value proposition is high reliability- getting it right the first time, every time. Our vision is to be a global model for the delivery of exceptional quality; evidence based healthcare services and solutions. With all these in mind, it becomes evident that Paelon is committed to her mission which is to enhance the health and lives of all our people.” Cole concludes.

For Ngozi Onyia the founder of Paelon Memorial Clinic, surviving a brain haemorrhage and spared by the trauma of developing a stroke through the timely availability of specialist emergency medical care helped change her life for the best.

As a recipient of specialist emergency care, this act made Ngozi contribute her own quota towards bridging existing gaps in the provision of specialist care in the country. Just before she turned 50 in 2010, Onyia, willingly relinquished her job at Nigerian Breweries where she worked as medical adviser for 10 years, and with 50 percent of her severance pay, founded the Paelon Memorial Clinic the world class boutique hospital with highly sought personalised multi-specialist medical services in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Ngozi’s story on the loss of her daughter was indeed an inspiration to all present at the opening of the ICU. Patricia Elozie Onyia was born on May 25, 1994, with the Charge Syndrome in Lagos, Nigeria. She was Ngozi’s 3rd and last child.Despite her multiple major physical challenges, she was a bright, cheerful, positive, loving and confident child. For her, the glass was never half empty, it was always half full. She played the hand fate had dealt her with dexterity, and won every time.

“In April 2002, she went to the Dominican Grimley School for the deaf when mainstream education in Lagos Nigeria became too challenging. She died in her sleep of complications from the 3rd of five major surgeries she had in her short life on November 11, 2003. Patricia’s birth is the milestone in my life by which I reference all other events. God first of all made me a Paediatrician, and then He gave me Patricia. She gave me eyes, she gave me ears; and humble care and delicate fears; A heart, the fountain of sweet tears; and love and thought and joy.” Says Ngozi.

Paelon Memorial Clinic is a boutique hospital situated in Victoria Island, run primarily by two partners; Dr. Ngozi Onyia a Primary Care Physician/Paediatrician, and Dr Sylvia Cole an Anaesthetist/ Intensivist.

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